Kim Stainton an oil maker of over seven years. She first started making oil in her back garden following the Rock Simpson method. She was able to cure the skin cancer which was on her face and also administered it to her mother for her Alzheimers, bronchiectasis and ischemic heart disease.

Being cancer-free Kim still needs to take the oil daily to remain pain-free as she lived with chronic fatigue for over thirteen years. As Kims knowledge has increased so have her oils diversified, as ‘oil making is a dynamic process’.

WhAt are Terpenes?

Terpenes each posses their own medicinal qualities and can either enhance the effect of cannabinoids or down play them. Here are a few terpenes which are found in high concentrations in cannabis plants. 

Myrcene found also in Mangos anda primary terpenes in the cannabis plant and has relaxing properties and is anti inflammatory. Lemonene found in various cirtrus fruits has powerful antibacterial properties, and is a great mood enhancer and stress buster. Linalool found also in Lavander is a great stress buster and anti-anxiety and anti depressant. Caryophyllene found also in black pepper and cinnamon great for treating anxiety, depression and inflammation. Humulene found in hops, basil and cloves, cannabis, sage, and ginseng. It is an effective anti-inflammatory and analgesic, it also acts as an appetite suppressant. Pinene also found in the pine tree and available in alpha and beta varieties has strong anti inflammatory and anti bacterial effects.