Hallie was born with group strep B meningitis, which has left her with Brain damage , she suffers with epilepsy, hemiplegia on her right side, so it’s really hard for her to use her hand/arm, cerebral palsy and a global delay, she’s on all different types of medication to help her with her seizures and her movements and my husband got talking to Kim. She sent us a sample and we haven’t looked back since, 

Hallie has been on CDB oil since June 2018 , we started with drops into her bellybutton , which calmed her down but not completely, so September 2018 we decided to give it to her orally, and honestly we are totally shocked at how much it’s changed her life.  Paediatrician told us she may never communicate , crawl or even walk . She really has come on leaps and bounds since being on the oil, she is nearly walking completely by herself, her body movements are much more relaxed and overall you can see the difference it’s made to her. 

We can’t thank Kim enough for what she’s done by introducing it to us, it really has changed her life for the better. 

She is now your typically 2 and half year old , throwing tantrums and keeping us all on toes. 8